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About Us


Company Structure

We have three main disciplines within our business. The Redivision Consulting division works on OD projects, business analysis and turnaround strategies for troubled projects. Kicode the Spirit of Innovation is our software development division and this houses our full-stack development teams for web and mobile development. Lastly, we have an infrastructure and end-user support team, Kryptonet, that takes care of all our clients hosting and infrastructure support.

Our Experience

Redivision Consulting Group is a niche consultancy with experience and subject matter expertise in the following industries and disciplines: -

  1.  Retail  - Stores, Management and Systems                                                                                                     
  2. Insurance and Financial Services - Systems, New Business, Client Servicing, Compliance, Claims Optimization, Change Management
  3. Contact Centre’s  -Inbound and outbound setup/ management/ client servicing and systems
  4. High Volume Transaction Handling -For financial services and short-term insurance – strategies/fulfilment/outsourcing, workforce management, business process optimization, system development and Program Management
  5. Pay TV - System and process optimization /operational management/project management/strategic formulation, change management
  6. Software System Design and Development - Offshore and hybrid development models for full-stack development.
  7. Talent Sourcing - Supply and Management of SDLC resources – PM’s, BA’s and Developers
  8. Infrastructure Upgrades - Server rationalization, network optimization, network audits and compliance
  9. Centralized Meat Processing and Packaging - Factory Production System Implementation, Access Control, Time and Attendance, Work force Management, Human Resource Management Systems and Change Management
  10. Business Analytics and Intelligence  - Data analysis, reporting, dashboards and data warehousing.
  11. Quality Assurance - Bespoke programs, outsourced solutions and integrated learning and development solutions.
  12. Mobility Solutions - Including App Development, Smart Device Support and Project Management

Company Values



Respectful Participation

We recognize the need to include, respect and value the role that each stakeholder plays irrespective of their diversity, views or level in the organisational hierarchy.


Out of the Box Thinking

We encourage individuals to think out of the box and take risks so that we can enable innovation and continuous improvement.


Quality Based Outcomes

We strive to produce quality and professional outputs with sustainable benefits so that we can monitor and measure how outcomes can change behaviour.


Lifelong Learning

At Redivision, we subscribe to the philosophy that learning is unavoidable and happens all the time. Each new interaction we have with a client or industry sectors enhances our personal and professional development.


Work-life Balance

We commit to working hard but making sure we have a balance of fun, great family life, regular exercise, good food and good friends.


Unit 35, Block 3 Northgate Office Park, Northriding 2162 


Phone: 0823382467